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A Day-Tripper’s Guide to the Best Boating Destinations in Maine

Maine’s coast is a haven for boating enthusiasts. The food, arts, and lodging in Coastal Maine all revolve around a passion for the sea. The best way to see this state is no doubt by boat, so a trip or two through the best boating destinations in Maine should be on your bucket list! Keep reading this cruising guide to the Maine coast to learn about some of the hidden nautical gems nestled along Maine’s beautiful shoreline.

Honing your boating skills is easy when you’re on vacation at Linekin Bay Resort. Located in the coastal town of Boothbay Harbor, the resort is a perfect place to take some time for yourself during the week and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Until August 27th, the resort offers guests an all-inclusive stay that includes personal sailing lessons, games, a kids camp, and many other great amenities. If you would like to know more about the area, our Boothbay Harbor Vacation Guide features a list of attractions in some of the best boating destinations in Maine. It’s a great resource for planning your Maine sailing itinerary, so download yours today!

A Day-Tripper’s Guide to the Best Boating Destinations in Maine

Penobscot Bay

Sailor have long favored the Penobscot Bay area, located just west of Acadia National Park. Some of the best small towns to explore in Maine are located along this bay including Rockland, Rockport, and Stonington. Boothbay Harbor is roughly 50 miles south of this region, so Penobscot Bay is a great body of water to enjoy near Linekin Bay Resort. If you aren’t steering your own vessel, worry not; Maine sailing charters are plentiful here. Bufflehead Sailing Charters offers custom-length excursions on a 32-foot wooden sloop for groups of up to six people. Look out for the six different lighthouses and various islands visible from Rockland Bay!

Casco Bay

Casco Bay surrounds the cities of Portland, Long Island, and Freeport. About 50 miles south of Boothbay Harbor, Casco Bay makes for a wonderful day trip from Linekin Bay Resort. On your voyage into the Bay, you will be treated to sights of seals, osprey, and even whales. An excursion on Casco Bay is an ideal setting for sipping a glass of wine and eating a picnic lunch! The Portland Schooner Company’s Bagheera and Wendameen provide group sails around the islands of Casco Bay if you’re in the mood for a tour-style adventure.

Boothbay Harbor

Sailing around the coast of Maine doesn’t get any better than Boothbay Harbor! This beautiful peninsula is one of the absolute best boating destinations in Maine. Whether you board your own vessel or one provided by Linekin Bay Resort, you’ll make memories on a gorgeous sail. The pristine and historic waters of Boothbay Harbor seem tailored for unplugged vacations; boating here is bound to leave your soul feeling refreshed. After a day of seafaring, come back to a comfortable waterfront lodge or cabin at Linekin Bay Resort! You can even park your boat at our brand new dock and we’ll direct you to a delicious meal at The Deck Bar & Grill!

Waterfront Lodge

Craving the sea’s healing properties is the only excuse you need to embark on a midweek escape to Midcoast Maine, but our Boothbay Harbor Specials and Packages make it even easier to come and savor one of the best boating destinations in Maine! Whether you’re planning a Boothbay Harbor romantic vacation or a relaxing stay in Maine, we have a package for you.

What are you waiting for? Coastal Maine is calling!

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