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A Glimpse at Boothbay Harbor Weather Each Season

Now is the perfect time to start planning your adventure-filled getaway to Linekin Bay Resort and Boothbay Harbor. Whether you’re planning a trip for one or the whole family, there’s a lot of work that goes into pulling together the perfect vacation. Perhaps the biggest decision is when to visit our waterfront resort. While every time of year is perfect, some seasons may fit your list of things to do better than others. This is why looking at the average Boothbay Harbor weather conditions for every season is crucial in your vacation planning process.

What to Do in Boothbay Harbor Every Season

It’s not uncommon to check the forecast right before your vacation to see what the weather will be like. However, it’s also a great idea to look at the average conditions for Boothbay Harbor to decide what season best suits your favorite types of adventures.


Spring is one of the best times to visit Boothbay Harbor, and for good reason. Daily highs average around 65 degrees, with average lows around 50 degrees. The landscape starts waking up from its winter freeze, which means the flora begins blooming. This season is a fantastic time to go hiking on trails found inside nature preserves or casting a line fishing.


While spring might be one of the best times to visit, there’s nothing like a Maine summer. These months bring temperatures around 80 degrees and bright sunshine. These conditions mean you can spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying a wealth of adventure, like going on a cruise with Cap’n Fish’s Cruises or exploring Linekin Bay on one of our rental canoes or kayaks.


Temperatures in fall start slowly dropping, with daily highs ranging between 40 and 70 degrees. This time of year is also known for having six to eight days of perception a month. Despite these cooler conditions, there are still plenty of things to do outdoors. Go on a tour with American Ghost Walks or squeeze in one last whale-watching tour.


While we are closed during the winter months, this season transforms Boothbay Harbor into a snowy wonderland. If you find yourself passing through town this time of year, take in the incredible light displays at Gardens Aglow at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. It’s an experience not to be missed! 

Start Planning Your Midcoast Maine Getaway Today

The bedroom of a Boothbay Harbor resort room to relax and check the weather in.Get a jump start on next year’s adventures! After checking to see which season has your ideal weather, book your Boothbay Harbor accommodations at Linekin Bay Resort during the spring, summer, or fall months.

Sitting on 20 acres, our Boothbay Harbor resort is filled with everything you need for the best vacation possible. We offer both private cabins and spacious guest rooms, which means you can choose the Boothbay rental that fits your group’s needs best. Call 207-633-2494 to learn more about booking your stay or special offers.

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