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How to Discover a Rare Bird on a Puffin Cruise in Maine

Maine is, in a way, its own frontier full of unique flora and fauna you just can’t find the same way anywhere else. One of the incredible creatures that lives just off the coast of Maine is the threatened species, the puffin. Popular with many tourists, a puffin cruise in Maine is a great way to see these unique birds in their natural habitat! They’re only around for a few months of the year, so if you’re around during then, here is what you’ll discover on a Puffin Cruise in Maine!

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What is a Puffin?

The species, considered threatened in Maine, makes its home on Eastern Egg Rock just miles from Maine’s coast. The colony that inhabits the rock is the southernmost recorded puffin colony in the world. They are typically found in greater frequency further north in places like Iceland and Norway. In appearance, they look like penguins with black backs and heads with a white belly. Their most unmistakable feature is their beak, which is multi-colored and easy to spot. The rarity of the puffin being this far south is what makes taking a puffin cruise in Maine such a worthwhile venture!

See the Puffin Colony on a Puffin Cruise in Maine

From April to August you can see the puffin colony on Eastern Egg Rock via a puffin cruise! They live on the rock to lay eggs and raise their young to maturity, upon which time they leave, usually in August. Taking a puffin cruise in Maine is a fun way to see something unusual and makes a great summer vacation activity given the timeframe of their stay on the rock. Here are a few puffin cruises in Maine to consider when you’re planning your next summer vacation here!

Cap’n FISH’S Audubon Puffin & Scenic Cruises

Operating out of Boothbay Harbor, ME, Cap’n FISH’S Audubon Puffin & Scenic Cruises were the first puffin cruise in Maine to see puffins and offer cruises to the public. Their boats are environmentally friendly, too! The cruise is narrated by a marine biologist, so you know you’re getting the facts about whatever creatures you happen upon during the trip! Get tickets

Hardy Boat Cruises

Located near Bristol in New Harbor, Hardy Boat Cruises is serious about their puffin cruise. Audubon naturalists accompany every cruise to Eastern Egg Rock and a portion of ticket sales go toward Project Puffin, the National Audubon Society’s effort to guarantee the future of the colony.

Plan a Puffin Cruise During Your Next Maine Vacation

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