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5 Reasons Why Vacations Are Important

Embarking on periodic vacations is scientifically proven to improve heart health, brain functionality, job performance, and sleep patterns. Yet, so many of us lose PTO at the end of each year for a variety of reasons. Whether money is tight, we’re too essential to the office, or we simply don’t enjoy traveling, Americans often find excuses to lose paid vacation days. According to Project: Time Off, 52 percent of Americans end each year with lost, unused vacation days, which accumulates to a whopping 705 million days. Those 705 million lost vacation days could have a potential $255 billion economic impact on the travel industry. As you enter a new year, make a resolution to stop undervaluing your time and well-being. We have compiled five essential reasons why vacations are important.

Why Vacations Are Important

  1. Vacations are good for the body, mind, and soul – We all want healthier hearts and resolute minds. One of the main ways to become a healthy, stress-free individual is treating yourself (and your family) to periodic vacations. Tourists are more active while on vacation, especially here in Maine, because they’re walking, hiking, biking, and paddling seemingly around the clock. It’s also important to combine an active itinerary with proper healthy meals. In the end, quality time spent with loved ones leads to a more focused and productive brain.
  2. You’ll catch up on much-needed sleep – Americans simply don’t sleep enough – usually because we lay our heads down thinking about tomorrow’s crucial meeting, tall task, or stressful presentation. While on vacation, rest easy and take the opportunity to unplug on the coast. It helps that the king beds inside our waterfront cabins are ultra-comfortable.
  3. There’s something to look forward to – It’s much easier to stay positive through a tough stretch at work if you have a planned trip to Midcoast Maine on the horizon. This goes for life at home as well as busy schedules can also lead to excess stress.
  4. You’ll make deeper emotional connections – One of the main reasons why vacations are important is the deep emotional connections we make with our significant others, children, and friends. Whether you’re overdue for a romantic getaway or the entire family needs a break from work and school, a vacation is a perfect way to hit the restart button.
  5. You’ll return happier and more productive – It’s nearly impossible not to return home after a vacation feeling energized, happy, and ready to take on the world. One of the main goals of a vacation (besides making lifelong memories) is being more productive at work upon return. This is why it’s essential to take as many mini-vacations as possible. If you have enough PTO, you may be able to take a three or four-day weekend getaway nearly every month.

Charming Maine Family Resorts

why vacations are importantWith the New Year, it’s time to start thinking ahead to your springtime vacation plans. Spring is the best time to visit Maine because our seaside communities are uncrowded, nightly rates are low, and you can explore the area via kayak, hiking trails, and bicycle into town. Linekin Bay Resort is home to one of the areas most popular restaurants and bar, The Deck Bar & Grill. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, don’t fret, The Deck Bar & Grill is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Midcoast Maine, just minutes from downtown Boothbay Harbor, beautiful state parks, and all of the best things to do Maine. Give us a call at 1-207-633-2494, or visit us online at to book an overdue springtime vacation to stunning Midcoast Maine.

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