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5 Money Saving Tips for Spring in Maine

Spring in Maine is a gorgeous time to travel. The temperatures are warming up, flowers bloom, and the summer crowds have not yet arrived. The first part of planning any spring vacation is budgeting. Take a look into lodging and transportation costs for your desired destination to figure out how much money you need to save. If it seems too expensive for you, how popular is that city among tourists? Adjusting your trip by a few miles can significantly alter the price. When you visit California, stay in Santa Maria instead of Hollywood. During spring in Maine, stay in Boothbay Harbor instead of Portland. You can experience similar scenery and activities at potentially lower prices.

Here are five tips on how to save money for travel to Linekin Bay Resort.

1. Save on Food at Home and in Boothbay Harbor, MaineCabin kitchen to Cook at Home to Save Money for Travel

Save money for travel both before and during your vacation by cooking at home. Cut your restaurant attendance in half for the winter to save money for travel this spring. When you’re actually booking that vacation, select lodging that allows you to cook your own meals while vacationing. Linekin Bay Resort is one of the best resorts in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and our Linekin cabin offers a full kitchen so that you can pack a lunch every morning before you head out for the day.

2. Cut Nonessential Expenses to Save Money for Travel

We all have monthly expenses that we think nothing of, but the smallest purchases can add up. A daily latte can add up to over $100 per month, which could help pay for a night at a luxurious resort. Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, Stitch Fix, Ipsy, and other nonessential subscriptions can also add up to a hefty monthly sum.

3. Travel with a Group to Split Expenses

In addition to being fun, traveling with friends is also cost-effective. Instead of paying for gas on your own, you can split the cost with the entire group. Multi-bedroom lodging can also be a money saver. Spend spring in Maine with Linekin Bay’s Boothbay Harbor, Maine, multi-bedroom cabins.

4. Plan Ahead to Save on Things to do in Midcoast Maine

When it comes to airfare and lodging, booking early is a well-known money-saving trick. But planning ahead is good for other vacation expenses, too! Many events and activities have early bird specials for tickets. Instead of paying “at the door” prices, book online ahead of time. There are also plenty of free and inexpensive things to do in Midcoast Maine, particularly during spring in Maine.

5. Take Advantage of Technology and Automation

If saving doesn’t come naturally to you, there are plenty of tools available to give you a boost. Most banks can set up an automatic transfer of funds from your checking account into a savings account. Even $20 per month will go a long way to help you save money for travel. There are also countless budgeting applications that you can download for free.

Save Up to Spend Spring in Maine

Whether you like to travel in spring, summer, fall, or winter, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is a beautiful place to be. Spring in Maine offers breathtaking coastal views, fun outdoor activities, delicious local restaurants, and affordable accommodations. After your winter of saving with these five tips, we’ll be happy to share our charming coastal town with you. Call 207-633-2494 to book your vacation next spring in Maine. 

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