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Why You Need to Experience a Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch

Beginning in mid-April, some of the Earth’s largest creatures make their way into the waters of Maine for feeding and frolicking. During the warmer seasons, whales can be found just 20 minutes from the coastline! Luckily, there are multiple ways to see these majestic mammals. We’ve compiled everything visitors need to know about experiencing a Boothbay Harbor whale watch below!

A Boothbay Harbor whale watch is a truly unforgettable experience, so be sure to include it in your itinerary! Remember that there are plenty of other activities and attractions to enjoy here in Midcoast Maine. For a complete list of hand-picked restaurants, excursions, and seasonal events, access our free Midcoast Maine Vacation Guide today! It’s the area’s best local resource for planning the perfect trip to this special place.

A Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch Is the Ultimate Adventure

Where to Go Whale Watching in Maine

Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch

The most trusted name in Boothbay Harbor’s whale watching business is Cap’n Fish’s. Known for operating the area’s original whale watch, this company offers a fun-filled and environmentally-friendly way to see the surrounding wildlife and scenery. They claim to have the cleanest fleet in coastal Maine; their boats are equipped with Tier Three-compliant engines that reduce water and air pollution. The best part? There’s more than a 94% chance visitors will spot a whale during a trip! If none appear, Cap’n Fish’s will provide a complimentary voucher for another tour of comparable value.

Whale watches usually begin at 12:30 p.m. on designated days. Each trip takes a few hours since the best whale-spotting places are at least 20 miles off the coast. Be sure to check Cap’n Fish’s calendar for more information!

The Different Types of Whales to Spot

Humpback Whale

There are several different species of whales to spot when cruising the waters surrounding Boothbay Harbor. The humpback whale is one of the largest and most visually striking! These gray and white creatures are often spotted breaching the water, raising their tails to say hello before bringing them down with a splash.

Pilot Whale

Pilot whales are approximately 16 feet long and extremely intelligent. When searching for pilot whales, look for dark gray bodies and pod behavior.

Minke Whale

One of the fastest and smallest species in the Baleen whale family is the minke whale. These curious creatures often swim very close to whale watching boats!

Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch

Where to Stay After a Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch

A Boothbay Harbor whale watch is more than just an attraction — it’s a way to become one with the breathtaking, rocky shores found only in Midcoast Maine! You’ll need a place to stay after an exciting day on the water, and Linekin Bay Resort is the best choice. This historic, family-oriented resort combines Maine’s rich traditions with land and sea to create a unique and memorable destination. Start planning a nautical adventure today by booking one of our comfortable lodging options like a waterfront cabin or lodge, which come complete with premium amenities like private baths and on-property activities. Stay during the All-Inclusive Season and enjoy even more water activities like fishing, kayaking, sailing, and more — all for one low rate.

In addition to whale watching, we recommend trying some Striper fishing or kayaking in Boothbay Harbor!

Ready for an experience you’ll remember for years to come? Check our availability today and start looking forward to a Boothbay Harbor whale watching adventure!

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